Impact Of Plagiarism Issues On Global Education

Impact Of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is regarded as an academic offense. It has personal, social, educational, ethical, professional and legal consequences. Because of advancement in technology it is now easier to detect and report plagiarism. There are many tools available online which are very easy to use and accurate in detecting plagiarism. The plagiarism does not affect plagiarists only it has its impact on other individuals and organizations associated to it either directly or indirectly. For instance, if a student plagiarized the work it would have an impact on other students, supervisor and teachers of that department, the institute where he is learning and the economy of the nation as well.

As shared by a dissertation editing service, due to the overburdening and pressure of grades and marks students try to look for the easiest possible ways for making their work easier and perfect in a short period of time. With the students resulting enticement for plagiarism and the impending plagiarism is now easier and more available through the internet. This has resulted in an increase in plagiarism. Another reason is the market condition. Now students know that just acquiring the degree is not enough; they need to have the highest marks and grades as well for getting the right job and having a bright career.  For this purpose they wrongly assume that their way of success is through plagiarism.

Plagiarism affects the reputation of a student. If a student is alleged for plagiarism he or she can be expelled or suspended from school. This surely has a negative impact on their academic record. As plagiarism is also an ethical offense it can ban a student from promoting to the next grade or level of education. Many schools, colleges and universities have disciplinary teams to deal with the cases of plagiarism that take strict actions and consider it a matter of disciplinary violation. And mostly students are expelled when they are caught for plagiarism in their academic writings. Once charged for plagiarism it will ruin your whole academic and professional career.

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Once expelled from school or college due to plagiarism it will be difficult to get admission in any other reputed school or college because reason of expulsion is clearly mentioned on documents. And without education there is no job or career. In the world of academia and education plagiarism has greater consequences. If once you are charged with the allegation of plagiarism it will destroy your whole academic career. Your academic writings will lose their worth and will not be accepted by any reputed academic organization for publication.

From a legal perspective the ramification of plagiarism is very serious. Copyright laws are unconditional. Without citation or referencing it is illegal to copy the work of someone else. In doing so, a person can be legally sued by the owner of the original work. For those individuals whose profession is academic writing such as journalists, writers, publishers, coping or plagiarizing the work of others is a criminal violation. That is why writers always remain conscious about copyright laws. Recently monetary restitution has been introduced for those authors who sue other writers for plagiarizing their work. The plagiarist has to pay the writer whose work he has copied.

The educational institutions are also affected and have to bear the results when students are sued or caught for being involved in plagiarism. For instance when a student of a college or university plagiarized the work it shows that the value of the degree of this institute is very low which affects the brand image and marketing of that college or university as well. It can also reduce the potential number of international students that a college or university can attract for admission. Most importantly it will also disturb the education of other students who are currently enrolled in that college or university as well because if the academic reputation of college or university gets lower it will also devalue the degrees of these students as well.

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Plagiarism overall reduces the quality of education. It shows that the quality of education is below standards. When standards or quality of education are lowered or below average in any country it lowers down the economy too. Because when a student plagiarizes, it devalues the degree, as result the market will be full of unskilled or lowered skilled individuals, there will be a surplus of graduates with no demand for them in the market hence it will increase unemployment. When there is an increase in unemployment the standards of living will be poor which will affect the GDP and other similar indicators of economic growth.