Common Problems in Dissertation Literature Review That You Face

Dissertation Literature Review

Sometimes writing a dissertation is made complicated when students are working on the literature review section. It is mainly because many students take it to be simply a section of the dissertation and believe that they would be able to tackle it as they write, but it is only when they begin working on this part that they realize that this is not the case. Writing a literature review often becomes the toughest challenge that they face while working on their assignment.  It is when they find the best literature related to their subject and topic and work on it that they would be able to write a top-quality dissertation.

Without the ‘academic power’ that comes from the literature review, writing this section is not easy, and students end up facing problems.  Students must realize the significance of the dissertation literature review and how it can play a crucial role in the success of their dissertation. They will face problems in writing their dissertation, but this is the part of the job, and they must learn how to deal with these problems most effectively to move forward and complete the task most outstandingly. This article discusses the most commonly faced problems that students go through while they are writing a dissertation literature review section without getting dissertation literature review help to understand how to deal with them most effectively.

Concentrating On The Text Becomes Too Tough:

It becomes increasingly hard for students to concentrate when they are overwhelmed with details as attention span is limited, especially when the students are handling too many things at once and reading too much at the same time. It creates a problem for them as they are unable to focus on everything and keep it in mind to use at the right time. This lack of attention makes students lose or miss some details that might be important and play a key role in writing the literature review.  They end up forgetting from where they collected the details if they need to go back to them and end up wasting a lot of time and effort.

They Do Not Have The Relevant Details:

Writing a good literature review becomes difficult when students do not have enough relevant or engaging details to write about. Even though the world of the internet is huge and there are all kinds of books, journals, reports, and the news available, finding the most relevant content can still be a problem as there is just too much, and going through every research result is not possible. The absence of relevant details and content makes it very hard for students to complete their tasks the right way, and they face problems as a result.

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Sorting The Information Takes A Lot Of Time:

Even if they are using the latest and most advanced technique for research, it will still take a lot of time and effort for students to sort out all the information that they have accumulated from various resources. They cannot just use all the information or content that they have collected as they need to have the most relevant and applicable information that can be used for writing the literature review. It is when they sort out the information that they can write a top-quality paper that contains the most to the point and fitting details.

Proper Writing Style And Format:

It is the biggest problem students face even after they have collected the most relevant and appropriate information and details for the literature review. Writing in the right way, following the proper style and format as specified by the teacher is very important, and all their efforts will be wasted if they do not do it the right way. They need to make sure that their review contains both modern and provocative works along with fundamental once. It should have a proper balance of the most actual studies and prominent researchers that have played a significant role in the development and growth of the topic under discussion.

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Along with the above-mentioned problems that they face while working on the literature review section, students encounter issues like running out of time and not being able to satisfy their supervisor with their efforts that can become very frustrating for them. Students must work closely with their supervisor and seek help and advice at the right time so that they do not end up wasting time or efforts and get things done well before the deadline approaches.