21st Century Tools That Can Be Used By Teachers

21st Century Tools

Grabbing students’ attention toward the topic and keeping them active during the lecture is an intimidating task for all the educators. In order to make your lectures more interactive and interesting is possible through the use of 21st-century tools. These advanced tools help educators to deliver their lecture effectively. Encouraging collaboration, improving students’ academic performance and giving autonomy to the student is possible through the use of 21st-century tools. Here, we have enlisted some 21st-century tools that teachers can be used in the classroom to make their lecture more effective and innovative.



The most powerful educational tool gives facilitation to the teachers to use different interactive activities in the classroom. Teachers can make different educational exercises through the use of a laptop, Smartphone and tablets. Teachers should create an account and make a survey to get good educational materials as well as a method for delivering in the class. Editing lectures and making them innovative can be possible through the use of Socrative. Along with that, a teacher can get a lot of information about different types of exercises that they can use in their classroom in order to grab the attention of the students toward their studies.


Google Classroom

Google classroom is one of the most famous and best 21century tools that teachers can be used in their classroom to organize their class and interacting with students. By using Google classroom, the teacher can share an important point of their lecture via email. Along with that, a teacher can create different types of test, essays and class calendar that students have to follow in the class. Google classroom will give flexibility to the students in their working hours and they will show good results in the class.  Before delivering their lectures, teachers should edit their lecture and remove all the difficult words.


Go Animate

Through the use Go Animate; teachers can create animated videos related to their lecture topics. For example, you are going to deliver a historical topic; you should create a video on this topic. By seeing these historical animated videos, students will gain a lot of information and they can understand the whole topic easily. Teachers can add different types of dialogues and characters that are suitable for the topic. Along with that, you can share this amazing method of teaching on social media platforms such as Twitter, Face book and YouTube.


YouTube Time Machine

YouTube Time Machine is another 21centuray educational tool to get information about history, literature and social studies. By using this tool, the teacher can search for any topic that is related to literature, history and social studies. Having new and advanced information about their topic will grab the attention of the students and they will become more curious to study. There are many topics that educators cannot give to their students to study and research. So, if you are going to give a challenge to your students to search for material about a topic, you should give them information about the YouTube Time Machine. By having information about this educational tool, students can see videos related to their topic.



Having a well-planned, organized, created lecture will be beneficial for the teachers as well as students. Because, students can understand it easily and quickly, on the other hand, teachers can improve their teaching skills. Educators can share their educational material such as lesson plan, unique ideas and knowledge with other teachers and can gain feedback. BetterLesson tool allows a teacher to improve the performance of the students and adopting a new method of teaching.  It makes teachers’ lecture better and developed.



Smart board is another interesting and interactive way of learning. Through the use of Smart Board, teachers can use more choices in term of time and manner. Educators can access to educational and instructional stuff to engage the interest of the students toward their studies. Delivering lecture through the use of SmartBoard enables students to clear their concepts of difficult topics. A teacher can improve the performance of the students through the use of the advanced method of teaching. As we know the innovative method of teaching are very interesting and can develop the learning skills of the students.



ClassMaker is an educational tool that allows teachers to create and manage online tests and get information about the students’ performance. By creating an online test system for the students, educators can save a lot of time and can concentrate on the issues that are related to the study. This tool allows teachers to get multimedia content for their lectures such as videos, audio and written sheet. By using this multimedia content, the teacher can prepare an outstanding and innovative lecture for delivering in the classroom. This tool allows the teacher to create a separate test sheet as well as a group test sheet. Now, it up to the teacher which method he wants to select to deliver his lecture and giving a test to the students. You can set a time limit and reward option through the use of this amazing tool.


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