How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay? Top Guidelines

Five Paragraph Essay

Essays are included in most of the schools and colleges’ writing portions whether it’s related to tests or assignments. Generally, instructors suggest some topics to the students to write an essay. It becomes a nightmare for students to write five-paragraph essays on their standardized tests. The best to overcome this fear is to know the tips and tricks of writing an essay correctly. Essay helps students to enhance their knowledge through grabbing information from a different source. It also allows them to share their personal views about the given topic. The best thing to write an essay is to know how to write it a synchronized form by hiring a cheap essay writing service.

There are simply five main sections of an essay, students should know about. Your whole essay is based on these five paragraphs. The first paragraph of an essay is based on the introduction of the given topic. Second, third and fourth paragraph includes the body of the essay. Lastly, the fifth paragraph is based on your point of view or conclusion of the given topic of the essay. To write a five-paragraph essay, students should learn the essentials skills. This allows them to express their point of view, ideas, and concepts about the given topic. Essays are of types like; literary essay, narrative, comparative, expository, persuasive, so on and so forth. This article aims to help students about, how to write a five paragraph essay with top-class guidelines.

Introduction: Paragraph (1):

The introduction is the most focused and important part of your essay. It is the first and the foremost paragraph of your topic. It provides you the directions of the essay. This will lead the reader to understand your tone and style. The introductory paragraph is based on few necessary points. It includes the background information about the topic, thesis statement about your essay, and provides the readers with three main supporting ideas. This will provide the main gist of the essay to the readers.

Body: Paragraph (2, 3, 4):

These three paragraphs after the introduction are another important part of an essay. These form the body of the essay where you will write about the fact and figures of the topic with supporting details. All of these paragraphs should be written in synchronized form. Each paragraph should start with a new idea but must be interlinked with the other. Every paragraph should support the main idea of your topic.  The topic sentence should identify the main discussion of the given thesis statement, mentioned in the introductory paragraph. You can give examples and use anecdotes to support your point of view in the paragraphs accordingly.

Conclusion: Paragraph (5):

This paragraph of the essay should explain the main idea or gist of the essay. It should be expressed in a very simple manner. This paragraph is often taken as the most difficult part of the essay. In this paragraph, you will restate your thesis statement. This should invite your reader to understand the main purpose of the above-explained points. This is the summary of your essay that includes your point of view about the topic of the essay. The most important thing that you need to know is never to give new information in this paragraph.

Essay Writing Practice:

Students get confused when they start writing an essay in five paragraphs. The best way to overcome this confusion is to practice on different topics. Take help from your teachers, friends, or family members to select a topic. After getting the topic, write it down and divide it into five paragraphs according to the basic guideline of writing an essay. Make a mind map or an outline for each paragraph. This method will help you to write a standard form of essay.

Basic Strategies:

To write the best five-paragraph essay, you have to follow some basic yet very important strategies. The language of your essay should be very essay. You are supposed to use formal language in your essay. Don’t use slang words in the essay. Always use short sentences. The structure of each sentence should be very strong in each paragraph. Correct use of language and grammar is useful to impress the readers. Write your essay and re-read it for the corrections. Proofreading is very much important.

Sometimes if students couldn’t understand the guidelines, they have the best options to take help from. There are so many online essay writing companies that are available on the internet to help students. So they can take help from these companies to write their essay.