Why Skilled Teachers Are Quitting Their Jobs in the UK?

Teachers in UK

It is a common concern in the UK that the recruitment and retention of the quality teachers are decreasing day by day. This thing is creating a skill gap in schools. For this reason, lots of surveys are made. The results of the surveys are alarming for the UK education system. The results of these surveys are showing that four in ten young teachers quit the education system just within five years. Now, it is an emerging question that why teachers are leaving schools. These teachers have cited various reasons for leaving of students. The most common and major reason is the increasing level of stress in schools. Here, experts of coursework writing services will discuss five factors that are becoming the cause for skilled teachers to quit their jobs in the UK.

  • Limited Ongoing Training:

After joining the education sector, the new teachers require support from the senior teachers as well as from the departments. Now, the problem is that they are not getting enough support from senior teachers. Moreover, the education department also fails to provide necessary support and training to the newly recruited teachers. The schools are spending £12,000 on the teachers during the first year of their practice. After that, they spend only £400 each year. As a result, they don’t provide the necessary support to the other teachers. The schools should try to provide equal opportunities for training to the new as well as experienced teachers. When they will provide equal opportunities for training for all the teachers, they can enhance their skill level.

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  • Lack Of Forward-Thinking:

The newly recruited teachers also consider that the education system is old fashioned. That’s why they don’t have enough innovations and motivation to prepare their pupils to meet the needs of the future technological world. Most of the studies are suggesting that we should try to introduce new technologies at the school level. When we will introduce new technologies at the school level, the teachers can easily foster transferable skills among the students. The teachers will also be motivated to develop the digital literacy of their pupils. When they don’t find these kinds of opportunities in the schools, they leave the education department. Moreover, teachers have also reported that we are using the ‘one size fits all’ strategy to teach the students. We should try to teach students of different skill levels differently.

  • Inflexibility:

Most of the teachers have also reported that they are leaving schools because the schools have become the exam factories. In schools, we are neglecting the individual needs of the students. It means that teachers are not finding flexible approaches to accommodate the adverse learning styles of the students. If they want to bring improvements in the outcomes of their students, they should try to give importance to the individual needs of their students. This thing will also be helpful for the schools to improve the turnover rates of their students. The schools should provide a free hand to the teachers to teach the students by applying their techniques. Moreover, the schools should also provide full support to the teachers for the implementation of new teaching techniques.

  • Assessment And Data Collection:

While teaching the students, the teachers have to assess their abilities. Most of the teachers have reported that the current assessment processes have increased the workload of the teachers. Its reason is that they have to spend enough hours in checking the tests of the students. When they spend enough hours in assessing the learning abilities of the students, they don’t have enough time to perform other activities. That’s why we should work to overcome this problem of the teachers. We should introduce technology to the education department. When teachers will assess the learning abilities of their students by using technology, they can easily overcome the burden of assessment.

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  • Work Condition:

Most of the teachers join the education department by thinking that it is a typical 9-5 job. When they enter into the education department, they know that it is not a typical 9-5 job. After teaching the students in the class, they have to spend some hours in some other activities. They have to spend some time assessing the learning abilities of the students. The teachers have to spend some time in the data entry. To spend some time in preparing the lesson plans is also a real burden on the minds of the teachers. Due to this workload, they leave the education department. For this reason, a survey was conducted by NASUWT. The results of this survey are showing that almost 90% of teachers have reported that this is the major cause of leaving the education department.