Top Free Online Tools You Can Use for Assignment Writing

Assignment Writing Tools

Working on an assignment is no easy task and a majority of students face a lot of trouble when they are given assignment writing tasks by teachers. It is because only collecting knowledge is not enough as the skill to write is equally important and is the major component for coming up with a top-quality and custom assignment that helps students succeed. Most of the students have the same complaint, not having enough skill and time to manage the assignments that often get them in distress.

If you are writing an assignment with help of assignment writing services UK, you must put in a lot of effort to come up with the best piece of paper that is informative as well as properly formatted so that it helps the readers to understand what you are trying to say and delivers the content most efficiently.

Talent and effort go hand in hand when it comes to writing assignments and if you believe that you cannot write, lack extensive vocabulary or grammar skills, there is no need to worry as the internet offers the best assistance in this regard. Several helpful online tools are free, make the writing process easy and support you in writing the assignment most effectively, without wasting time. Discussed here are some of the top free online tools that can be used for assignment writing and improving the quality of content:

Google Docs:

This is a very useful free online tool when you are working on an assignment; it provides the facility to collaborate with your friends too by allowing multiple users to write the same document simultaneously, in real-time which is a great benefit when you are working in a group. You can check each other’s work, correct mistakes and work without wasting any time passing a document from one person to another.


This is a great multi-purpose writing tool that has been specifically designed for high school students to help them develop creativity and improve writing skills. It offers interactive tools that give students a chance to learn how they can write specific textual content including business letters, short stories, and assignments, etc.


This tool helps students immensely when it comes to checking their work and confirming its authenticity so that they do not end up submitting plagiarized work to the teacher. Copyscape compares the text you have written to other content available online and provides a report regarding the uniqueness of your content.


Used by most of assignment writing services, this tool makes it easy for you to write a unique and creative content by helping to find the right word or its synonym that makes the content more diverse. This tool is very easy to use as you just need to type a word in the search box and you will get multiple synonyms along with definitions. It is an interactive dictionary that aims to support learning.

Language Tool:

This online writing tool offers a spell check, syntax errors and word count for more than 20 different languages making it easy for students from all over the world to use it for assignment writing purposes. It is especially beneficial for students who are studying abroad as it helps them work on their language skills most efficiently.

Topics Suggestion Tool:

Coming up with the right topic is never easy and most of the students get stuck at this point as they do not know which topic would be the best one for their content. This tool has been designed keeping the needs of students in mind and helps them get rid of the writer’s block when they do not know how to come up with a fitting topic. Just enter the keywords in the search field, choose the filter and you will get some amazing ideas in the next few seconds.

Strategies for Essay Writing:

This tool is the best as it assists in outlining the assignment so that you have a chance to structure your thoughts and ideas and develop a writing strategy. When working on your assignments, writing a thesis and counterargument are very important and you can develop an argument with the right outline or basis for this and you can do it most effectively with this tool.


The assignment does not end even when the writing part ends with help of a cheap assignment writing service; checking it for spellings, grammar and structure are very important before submitting it to the teacher and Grammarly can help to do this most effectively. It also offers style suggestions and many other features to improve the assignment and gives you a chance to improve your writing quality. High school and college assignments can be very challenging if you lack skills and time. However, these tools offer the best assistance to make the writing process easy and give you a chance to learn and produce a top-quality paper.