How Social Networking And Social Media Be Used To Improve Learning

The use of different social media platforms in education to enhance education is known as social media in education. On the other hand, social media is a group of Internet-based applications that are created on the basis of ideological and technological foundations. These social media networks allow the users to share, create and exchange the content. In recent years, social media has got credibility among the students and researchers because these social media sites have become trusted ways of sharing information with each other. The social networking and social media can improve learning with dissertation writing services in the following ways;

  • Create a Facebook group for your class

Almost all the teachers have created Facebook groups for their students but they don’t have enough idea how to use these Facebook groups. They can use a Facebook group for the improvement of the learning of the students in the following ways;

  1. They should share such content which is interesting for the students
  2. They should post instructions to write the assignments. They can also post assignment submission deadlines.
  3. They can also encourage the students to post some links related to the curriculum.
  4. In order to engage the students, the teachers should set some discussion topics on a weekly basis.
  5. The students should be free to ask any question.
  6. The teachers should share the links of those online resources that are helpful for them to improve their learning.
  • Use blogging for students homework help

Blogging is also an essential way to provide help to students about their homework. All the students should have their personal blogs. On these personal blogs, they should share their content which they have submitted in the printed form. Other students will take an overview of their work and they can get encouragement to solve their own assignments by applying the techniques of other students. You can also work in a group with the help of team blogging. You can also post some discussion topics on your personal blogs and invite your fellows to post a comment on these topics.

  • Use Twitter for bringing fun into the classroom

In order to create an interesting and funny learning environment in the classroom, the students can also get help from Twitter. You can create a hashtag for your fellows on a daily basis and encourage the fellows to post something interesting and intriguing about this hashtag. By engaging themselves in an activity, the whole class members will be able to clear their concepts about a specific topic.

  • Pinterest for pinning interesting educational resources

No doubt, it is really hard for us to keep all the interesting information in the browser’s bookmark. Sometimes, there is a possibility that you will lose some interesting information while updating your browser. For this reason, Pinterest is an effective resource for you. With the help of Pinterest, you can create a board and you can Pin the relevant posts on this board. Nowadays, some students are also using Pinterest as a search engine in order to search for some educational posts.