Five Ultimate Solutions to Your PhD Dissertation Writing Problems

A PhD dissertation is one of the most recognized business management degrees in the world. If you want to become a master of business administration, you should write a good dissertation. This difficult task will take a lot of time and effort from you. However, if you arrange your work properly, you will be able to triumph. Here are five ultimate solutions to your PhD dissertation writing problems.

  1. Develop a long and short-term plan and schedule

You should make a proper plan for your PhD dissertation. The total length of the PhD dissertation is 20,000-25,000 words. Therefore, you should make a schedule to write your PhD dissertation. This length is exclusive of title and contents page, figures, tables, appendices and references. You should see your supervisor on a regular basis _ at least once every two weeks in the beginning. It is also advisable to start writing as soon as possible.

  1. Structure of the research proposal

Most students find a problem in writing the research proposal. You should write research objectives in the structure. You can follow the research method in the structure. The research proposal covers title pages and questions.

Research aim and objectives:

  • The aim of the dissertation should indicate what you wish to achieve
  • Try to use a mix of methods
  • The objectives are a list of goals which must be completed in order to satisfy the aim
  1. Write your draft

When all the preparations are made, you should start writing. Try to follow your outline. However, you can make some changes in the writing process if you think it is necessary. The main parts of your PhD dissertation should be the following:

Introduction:  You can face many problems with writing an introduction. You should introduce your topic in the introduction. You should write about your objectives and contributions in the PhD dissertation.

Literature review: In the literature review, you should write about the main work. You can explain your thought and its influence on the dissertation

Methodology: Describe the actions that you performed to achieve the goals of your research and state why you have decided to use these particular methods.

Results: In the results, you can present the findings of your work. You should include only the raw figures. Then you may discuss the results and express your opinion about them

Conclusion: In conclusion, you can write only the main points and their importance.

  1. 4. Include other sections

When the main work is done, you should add such sections like the bibliography, appendices, abstract, and so on. You should include other section in your PhD dissertation. A reader should be able to identify the exact source and refer to it directly. You can include dependence in the last section of your PhD dissertation.

Edit and format

Proofread your paper to find and eliminate mistakes and weak parts. Most students fail to edit their dissertation. You should edit your PhD dissertation.

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