Writing a Theoretical Framework: Guidelines

A theoretical framework is considered as an essential component of a dissertation and usually, it is presented in the early section of a dissertation. It provides a rationale to the students how to investigate the research question and research problem of a dissertation. You can write a framework in a dissertation either in theoretical form or in conceptual form. To write a theoretical framework, you will have to do quantitative studies. If you are not able to write a theoretical framework for your dissertation, then you can get help from expert writers of dissertation writing services. Essential guidelines to write a theoretical framework are given below;

  • Select key concepts

The first step to write a theoretical framework is to explain key concepts of your research problem that are necessary to measure with the help of an effective research. There are four main key concepts that are necessary to write in a theoretical framework. First of all, you will have to define the problem. Secondly, you will have to discuss the main objectives of your dissertation. Thirdly, you will have to explain all the research questions of your dissertation. At last, it is also necessary for you to formulate some sub-questions on the basis of these research questions.

  • Define and evaluate relevant concepts, theories, and models

It is a fact that there are a lot of researchers has also defined these key concepts that you are going to redefine in your dissertation. Therefore, a theoretical framework should also determine these key concepts that are defined by the other researchers. For this reason, you can provide a critical analysis of the definitions that are provided by different authors. After analyzing these definitions, you should also devise your own definition and try to explain that why this definition fits your research. If you find some notable links between these concepts, then you should also try to explain these links. At last, you should also try to explain all the theories and models that can easily be applied to your own research.

  • Consider adding other elements to your research

On the basis of the topic, the students also try to provide a comprehensive overview of the state of affairs in a theoretical framework. For this reason, the students should keep in mind the expectations of their supervisor. To provide a solid overview of the state of affairs, the students should follow these essential tips;

  1. You should take a clear overview of the existing literature and try to explain the existing knowledge about the topic
  2. You should take a clear overview of all the models and theories that are used by other authors and try to tell the audience members that why some particular models and theories are not effective
  3. You should try to describe all the similarities and differences of your research and earlier studies
  4. Never forget to explain your own contribution to the existing data about this particular subject

Some essential tips to develop the framework are to examine your title and research problem, to brainstorm all the variables about your research, to take a review of the existing literature, to prepare a list of all the constructs and variables, and to discuss all the assumptions and propositions.